4 THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 POLICY AND LEADERSHIP INTENT: Management provides the vision, establishes the framework, sets the expectations and provides the resources for responsible management of Kosmos operations. Leadership and visible commitment to improved Health, Safety, Environmental and Security (HSES) performance are critical elements of successful operations. EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 1.1 Global HSES policies and standards are established, communicated, and updated as needed by the Corporate function for consistent HSES management throughout the Company.  Established fit-for-purpose global HSES standards are consistent with common operational and travel risks throughout the company  Documents and records are managed in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Control of HSES Management System Documents and Records  HSES requirements are communicated through methods such as new hire orientation, stakeholder review sessions, training, central electronic access, posting of policies in common areas, and/or distribution to contractors 1.2 BU and Project/Operational level organizations will implement the expectations of THE STANDARD and Global HSES standards and evaluate whether additional business-specific HSES MS plans/procedures are required for unique operating environments.  Global HSES standards form the basis of BU and Operations/Project HSES governance plans and procedures  Plans and procedures are established for Business Unit and operational-specific risks and activities such as emergency response, environmental impacts/waste management, security risks, health risks, contractor interfaces, safety critical operations, etc.  Plans and procedures are established to meet applicable regulatory, financial/funding or social/political requirements 1.3 HSES roles and responsibilities (R&R) are defined, documented and assigned.  Defined HSES organizational structure with documented roles and responsibilities  Defined safety critical roles and responsibilities for managing risks associated with seismic, drilling and production operations per the Kosmos Global Standard for HSES Risk Management  Defined R&Rs with Contractors in contracts, HSE plans, and/or bridging documents 1.4 Management demonstrates leadership and promotes commitment to improve HSES performance through active and visible participation.  Leadership behavioral expectations are communicated to Managers and Field Supervisors as outlined in Kosmos HSE Leadership Guidelines through new hire orientation, leadership training and project kick-off meetings  Management participation in HSES Committees  Management review of incident investigations Management recognition of personnel who contribute positively to HSES HSES placed high on operational meeting agendas with employees and contractors 1.5 Employees and contractors are required to be actively involved in improving HSES performance.  Participation in daily HSES meetings and Job Safety Analyses (JSA) during field activities  Use of reporting mechanisms for HSES observations  Stopping unsafe work or preventing incidents from escalating  Completion of HSES training and orientation ELEMENT 1