b'Policy and LeadershipELEMENT 1 INTENT: Management provides the vision, establishes the framework, sets the expectations, and providesthe resources for responsible management of Kosmos operations. Leadership and visible commitment toimproved Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance are critical elements of successful operations.EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES1.1 Management demonstrates leadershipLeadership expectations for behavior are communicated to Managers and Field Supervisors as outlined in the Companys HSEfrom the very top of the organizationLeadership Guidelines through new hire orientation, leadership training and project kick-off meetingsand promotes commitment to improveManagement participates in HSE committees and provides input to improve the HSE Management System HSE performance through active and Management reviews incident investigations and corrective actionsvisible participation. Management recognizes personnel who contribute positively to HSE HSE is highlighted on operational meeting agendas and reinforced with employees and contractors1.2 Global HSE function establishes,Fit-for-purpose Global HSE Standards are implemented in a manner consistent with common operational and travel riskscommunicates and updates policiesthroughout the companyand standards for consistent HSEDocuments and records are managed in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Control of HSE Management Systemmanagement throughout the Company. Documents and RecordsHSE requirements are communicated through methods such as new hire orientation, stakeholder review sessions, training, theIntranet, posting of policies in common areas, and/or distribution to contractors1.3 BU and Project/Operational levelGlobal HSE Standards form the basis of BU and Operations/Project HSE governance plans and procedures organizations are expected toPlans and procedures are established for BU and operational-specific risks and activities such as emergency response,implement the expectations of THEenvironmental impacts/waste management, security risks, health risks, contractor interfaces, safety critical operations, etc.STANDARD and Global HSE Standards Plans and procedures are established to meet applicable regulatory, financial/funding, and social/political requirementsand evaluate whether additional business specific HSE management system plans, or procedures are required for unique operating environments.4THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 6'