THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 17 STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 8.1 Stakeholders are identified with established channels of communication.  BU-specific external affairs strategies are developed and updated regularly, including identification of key stakeholders at the local, national, and international levels. Relevant stakeholders that may be potentially impacted at the Operations/Project level are identified and consulted through the ESIA process  Appropriate personnel are assigned early on in new countries to develop relationships, understand the operating environment and begin a dialogue with key stakeholders on Kosmos’ operations 8.2 Community HSES concerns about Kosmos are identified and addressed.  A grievance mechanism is in place to manage responses to inquiries or concerns from external stakeholders 8.3 Significant changes in operations are communicated to the community early to ensure that the changes do not become a source of concern.  Changes managed under the Kosmos Global Standard for Management of Change include pre and post-implementation requirements for communications to and/or approvals of government or community stakeholders when needed Communicating clearly with our stakeholders... INTENT: Strong and supportive relationships with our stakeholders underpin our business and create value. Open and honest communication on our operations is critical to maintaining these relationships. ELEMENT 8