b'Health, Safety and Environmental Management System ExpectationsIN ALIGNMENT WITH THE KOSMOS ENERGY BUSINESS PRINCIPLES, WE THE STANDARD supportsSEEK TO ENSURE HEALTH, SAFETY AND THE ENVIRONMENT (HSE) ARE A the HSE Policy andTOP PRIORITY DURING ALL PHASES OF OUR OPERATIONS. AS SUCH, WE ARE COMMITTED TO MAINTAINING HIGH STANDARDS THAT PROTECT OURSAFETYENV I RCommitment along withHONEMPLOYEES, CONTRACTORS, AND THE COMMUNITIES WHERE WE OPERATE. L T MA Ethe other CorporateE NH TPolicies. In addition,THE STANDARDDGlobal Standards,We aim to have a positive impact, create enduring value and PR EEF ORMAN I NFPlans, and Guidelinesoperate responsibly. Kosmos seeks to embody the principles ofCE DEprovide more detailedenvironmental stewardship with the goal of sustainable development.requirements forAt Kosmos, we commit to:consistency in meeting the expectations listed within each Element.Assess and minimize risks that could lead Help our employees, contractors, co- to health and safety incidents or thatventurers, vendors, and service providers could lead to adverse environmental orunderstand how their actions influence social impacts HSE performanceWork with stakeholders to understand the Reduce emissions and wastepotential impacts of our activities Use energy and other natural resources efficientlyImprove our HSE performance continually through effective management systems Prepare to effectively respond toemergenciesThese commitments are in addition to the basic expectation to comply with applicable health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations.Dallas, Texas, September 2022Andrew G. InglisChairman and CEOKOS-GLB-HSE0102, Revision 6, September 2022'