Strong and supportive partnerships underpin our business and create value. Our stakeholders are interested or potentially affected parties, including shareholders, employees, governments, communities, business partners and suppliers, and civil society. We believe we have unique corporate responsibilities with respect to each of these groups: Shareholders We aim to create attractive returns and manage our business risks. Kosmos Energy’s board of directors focuses on building a successful, long-term future for the company and ensures we maintain good corporate governance. In 2017, the board was comprised of 10 members, including eight independent directors. The board of directors had six standing committees: audit; nominating and corporate governance; compensation; exploration assurance; external affairs and political risk; and health, safety and environment. Employees We aim to provide a stimulating and rewarding work environment through a culture that promotes entrepreneurial thinking, facilitates teamwork, and embraces ethical behavior. Directors, officers, and employees are required to comply with all aspects of the Business Principles and our Code of Conduct in their work activities and in representing the company. Host Governments We seek to collaborate with host governments and contribute to national development. Our goal with host governments is to develop a shared agenda based on mutual trust and respect. We begin engaging with host governments at the time of licensing to ensure alignment with national priorities and industry needs. Kosmos aims to become a partner of choice. We are open about our business dealings with host governments because transparency builds trust and accountability. The “Performance Data” on page 59 of this report lists the payments we made to governments in 2017. Communities We believe in engaging local communities in a manner that creates economic and social opportunity and respects human rights. Investing in community relationships ahead of drilling operations is a key part of our approach. Our Stakeholder Engagement and Community Development Policy explains the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable when interacting with communities. We have published this policy on our website at: www.kosmosenergy. com/responsibility. Two years ago, we reviewed our global social investment programs to better understand their impacts and align their focus areas with our business. As a result of the review, we enhanced program design and project selection criteria to ensure our efforts are sustainable and complementary with local and national development priorities. Our new approach targets the following areas: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Linking to the entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude that is at the heart of Kosmos’ culture, the same spirit that led to the company’s founding.  Oceans and Coasts Linking to where Kosmos conducts its operations and where relations with fishing communities are vital to protection of our license to operate.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Linking to the deep expertise of our geologists, geophysicists, and engineers who give Kosmos its technical and operational edge. By investing in STEM education, we will help to create the next generation of technical experts. Business Partners and Suppliers We allocate contracts through a fair and transparent process, and adhere to our Business Principles in our operations. We aim to work with suppliers, both local and multi-national, who share our values and standards. We are committed to maintaining effective systems and procedures to prevent inhumane treatment and forced labor from taking place within our operations or our supply chain. Our employees and contractors are A start-up team discusses strategy as part of the business incubator program of the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana. BUSINESS PRINCIPLE 1 Responsibilities to Stakeholders