We launched the Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) in 2016 to help Ghana build a brighter future by applying innovation and technology to some of the country’s key challenges. After more than a decade of helping to develop the national oil and gas industry, we challenged ourselves to think big and develop a program that would support potentially transformative economic development. The Kosmos Innovation Center was the result of a year-long process of research, analysis, and evaluation. Now in its third year, the KIC continues to evolve through valuable partnerships, committed local staff, and feedback from stakeholders at all levels. We are excited by the futures of the businesses we have supported and are inspired by the dedication of the young entrepreneurs we have met. In its initial phase, the KIC has turned its attention to agriculture – the largest sector in Ghana’s economy. The KIC has focused on inspiring young entrepreneurs to transform Ghana’s agricultural sector through innovation in the nexus between agriculture and information and communications technology (ICT). To achieve results that drive change, the KIC uses a three-pronged approach: Collaboration, Incubation, and Acceleration. COLLABORATION The Collaboration pillar of KIC is designed to build connections and foster innovative partnerships among Ghanaian entrepreneurs, investors, and other experts. The KIC hosts workshops, conferences, market research tours, and other events to promote collaboration. KIC Collaboration events bring together the best and brightest minds from a range of fields, such as business, technology, finance, and academia, to work together to develop solutions to challenges faced in the agriculture sector. In 2017, Kosmos participated in the annual National Food and Agricultural Show in Accra. The KIC team led an interactive session discussing how to encourage young people to enter the agricultural sector. The program was well WE ARE ON TO SOMETHING BIG. THIS PROGRAM ENCOURAGES SMART YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS TO LOOK AT AGRICULTURE DIFFERENTLY. WITH THE TYPE OF INNOVATION FOSTERED BY THE KIC, OUR YOUNG PEOPLE CAN MAKE AGRICULTURE A MORE DYNAMIC SECTOR AND ATTRACTIVE CAREER PATH WITH PLENTY OF OPPORTUNITY. I AM THRILLED WITH THE TREMENDOUS RESPONSE THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED FROM YOUNG PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS EFFORT TO TRANSFORM GHANA. Joe Mensah, Kosmos Energy Ghana Vice President and Country Manager EMBRACING INNOVATION IN GHANA: THE KOSMOS INNOVATION CENTER