3 ANDREW (ANDY) G. INGLIS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Although this practice separates us from some oil and gas companies, we continue to see demand from stakeholders who want to better understand how the oil and gas industry works. The transparency challenge includes not just providing access to data, but also improving understanding of it, and ensuring stakeholders have the knowledge needed to use it constructively, and hold governments and industry to account. In response, we have stepped up our efforts to engage civil society and the media, hosting workshops across our portfolio of countries – in Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, and Suriname. This has proved effective in promoting transparency, building relationships, and deepening trust. EMBRACING INNOVATION With new production assets in our portfolio, several new countries of operation, and an active exploration program underway, we will need to channel our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to meet both new and familiar challenges: Continuous Improvement in Safety In 2017, we met our safety target with a total recordable injury rate of 0.64 and marked our fifth straight year without a lost time incident. We are proud of this record and will continue to stay focused on protecting our people and contractors while driving toward an incident and injury free workplace.  Protecting the Environment We have been successful at working with local and international stakeholders to conduct our seismic operations in a manner that protects marine life, most recently whales and sea turtles offshore São Tomé and Príncipe. As we acquire more seismic data in new areas, and mature prospects for potential drilling, we will need to ensure that we continue working collaboratively to safeguard marine biodiversity. Delivering Economic Benefit We believe that hydrocarbon development can be an engine of economic opportunity. With the Tortue LNG gas project moving toward a final investment decision, the partnership faces the challenge of making sure development proceeds in a sustainable manner that benefits local people. In Mauritania and Senegal, Kosmos and its partner are working hard to maximize the use of local companies and suppliers in the construction of the project’s nearshore infrastructure.  Staying True to Our Business Principles As we enter more countries and work with new partners, we will need to manage our above ground activities with the same level of diligence. Our Business Principles remain an important touchstone. FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE We achieved a great deal in 2017, but there is much more for us to do. Every member of the Kosmos team recognizes that we can never be satisfied. We must always strive to find new and better ways of working that deliver benefits to our host communities. Andrew G. Inglis Chairman and Chief Executive Officer