2 FELLOW STAKEHOLDERS, At Kosmos Energy, we are restless to improve. In order to continue to grow and reach our potential as a company, we continuously seek new ideas and innovative solutions that will improve our business and how we engage with our host countries. Whether it’s through incremental improvement or fundamentally challenging conventional wisdom, Kosmos embraces creativity and maintains an open, responsive and entrepreneurial spirit. The success of this approach can be seen quite clearly in our “below ground” technical work. Our geologists and geophysicists have opened basins in Ghana, Mauritania and Senegal – places where it took new ideas to find commercial hydrocarbons when others had failed. It can also be seen in the way our engineers devised the innovative nearshore concept we are using to develop the Tortue gas resource and accelerate the delivery of economic benefits to Mauritania and Senegal. In our “above ground” engagement, our pursuit of better ways of working centers on being a long-term partner that is aiming to help host countries build a brighter future. We know our future success is fully connected to theirs. As a result, we seek to work with our host nations to create healthy and diverse economies. This differentiated approach is demonstrated through the success of the Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC) in Ghana, which is our way of investing in the country’s future beyond oil and gas. KOSMOS INNOVATION CENTER The KIC invests in young entrepreneurs and small businesses who have big ideas and want to see their country grow. By marrying entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology, we are empowering people to turn their ideas into viable, self-sustaining businesses. The KIC offers a customized mix of business training, mentorship, and seed funding. A sector focus is chosen based on a country’s needs, and challenges are looked at through a business lens. The goal of the KIC is to drive innovation where it is needed most — whether in agriculture or healthcare, education or tourism. We work from a shared agenda with our partners in government and the wider community. In Ghana, the KIC targets innovation in agriculture, the country’s most important sector and largest employer. Kosmos runs the KIC program itself using local employees and experts. The result is a distinctive focus on commercial solutions informed by local knowledge. Since its inception in 2016, the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana has: •  Trained and mentored 270 young entrepreneurs •  Helped form and fund 8 start-up businesses who have gone on to access $850,000 in additional capital •  Accelerated the growth of 9 existing small businesses •  Stimulated the national dialogue on the importance of agriculture, and •  Enhanced the sector’s appeal to young people. The KIC has proved so successful in Ghana that we have plans to adapt the model and expand its footprint into some of our other host countries. LEADING ON TRANSPARENCY Our embrace of innovation has also helped to shape our approach to transparency. Over the years, we have set a standard for transparent behavior by publishing our host government contracts, along with our payments to governments. Kosmos has been a formal supporter of the United Nations Global Compact since 2013. The UN Global Compact is a voluntary initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti- corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals.