In addition, several other Kosmos team members were involved in the development and operation of those fields after their initial discovery. We entered into the new agreements in Equatorial Guinea on a 50/50 basis with Trident Energy and formed a joint venture company, KTEGI, to operate the fields. KTEGI leverages the distinct expertise of each company, combining Kosmos’ exploration expertise and subsurface knowledge with Trident’s operational capabilities. HUMAN RIGHTS DUE DILIGENCE AND TRAINING As is our practice, Kosmos engaged a third-party expert to conduct human rights due diligence for our anticipated in-country activities. The report stressed the importance of community engagement as well as policy implementation and monitoring. KTEGI has adopted Kosmos’ Business Principles, Anti-Corruption Policy, and Code of Conduct, and conducted training for employees on implementation of these policies. We expect to conduct human rights training for KTEGI staff and contractors, with an emphasis on supply chain. We have conducted similar training in other countries where we operate. For more information on our supply chain policies, please see page 16. EARLY COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT In 2018, Kosmos, as operator, commenced seismic acquisition over blocks W, S and EG-21. In preparation for the seismic survey, we completed an Environmental Impact Assessment, engaged coastal and fishing communities, and established a grievance mechanism. Kosmos has already begun engaging with fishing communities onshore as part of our initial activities to introduce Kosmos as a new company in Equatorial Guinea. NEW AND ONGOING SOCIAL INVESTMENT We intend to implement an impactful social investment program with the local population. While we are growing in familiarity and understanding of the local context in Equatorial Guinea, we are continuing Hess Corporation’s social investment programs in education and health. The flagship social project, the Program for Educational Development of Equatorial Guinea (PRODEGE), is now a public-private partnership among Kosmos, Trident and the government of Equatorial Guinea. During PRODEGE’s first five years, the program trained two thirds of the country’s primary teachers in instructional skills, established model primary schools, modernized the education information system, and strengthened the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Education and Science. Over $12 million will have been invested in education through the PRODEGE program from its inception through 2018. Kosmos will also initiate an annual social investment program for the three exploration blocks, which we aim to focus on the coastal communities. 23  The implementing partner for the PRODEGE program is FHI 360, a development NGO dedicated to improving lives through integrated, locally driven solutions. Kosmos’ commercial partner in Equatorial Guinea is Trident Energy, a privately-held international exploration and production company. These primary school children’s teachers received training under the Program for Educational Development of Equatorial Guinea.