Gulf of Guinea EQUATORIAL GUINEA BLOCK W EG-21 EQUATORIAL GUINEA GABON BLOCK S PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 PHASE 5 PHASE 6 ENTERING SEISMIC PRODUCTION EQUATORIAL GUINEA Kosmos’ entry into Equatorial Guinea in October 2017 was an important milestone for the company. We and our partner Trident Energy acquired Hess Corporation’s interests in the Ceiba and Okume fields and signed three new exploration production sharing contracts over offshore blocks W, S and EG-21. Kosmos will be the exploration operator for blocks W, S and EG-21, and a new joint venture company, Kosmos Trident Equatorial Guinea Incorporated (KTEGI), is the operator of the Ceiba and Okume production assets. This is the first time Kosmos has acquired producing assets and entered a new country with an existing workforce, facilities, ongoing operations and social investments. Kosmos will operate in Equatorial Guinea as we do in every country. We are in the early stages of implementing our standard policy framework which supports our Business Principles, particularly in the areas of human rights, community engagement, and social investment. ADDING PRODUCTION AND EXPLORATION THROUGH JOINT VENTURE Founding members of the Kosmos Energy exploration team opened the Rio Muni basin in 1999 when they discovered the Ceiba and Okume fields while working for Triton Energy.