17 BUSINESS PRINCIPLE 6 IN ACTION: COLLABORATING WITH BP TO PROTECT HUMAN RIGHTS Since establishing our partnership with BP in Mauritania and Senegal, we have collaborated on all facets of the exploration program and the Tortue LNG project: technical, environmental, economic, and social. BP and Kosmos share similar high standards, but Mauritania and Senegal were new countries of operation for BP. As a result, Kosmos has worked hard to share its knowledge of working in these countries with BP and smoothly transition our social and environmental projects. In 2017, we worked closely with BP on our joint approach to human rights in Mauritania and Senegal, first by comparing our corporate standards and policies, then evaluating the individual contexts of each country. We shared our due diligence processes and outcomes, human rights training conducted for employees, contractors and top suppliers, and current activities related to human rights. We discussed and planned next steps together. We believe it is important to transition as seamlessly as possible, while building on – rather than duplicating – our previous work. In 2018, now that we have finished the transition to non-operator in Mauritania and Senegal, we will continue to focus on human rights by supporting BP’s policies and related activities. as well as in Mauritania where we had active drilling operations. The assessment was completed by an international firm who helped us identify opportunities to update certain policies and contract language as well as improve cross- functional cooperation to optimize local content. We seek to maximize the amount of goods, services, and employment that we source locally. Our local content approach aims to enable people to access jobs, and to enable businesses to access supply chain opportunities through Kosmos. FOLLOWING A THOROUGH FARM-OUT PROCESS, BP EMERGED AS THE RIGHT PARTNER TO HELP US ADVANCE THE TORTUE GAS PROJECT AT PACE AND TAKE FORWARD A MULTI-WELL EXPLORATION PROGRAM. WE ARE PLEASED TO HAVE SECURED A SUPER-MAJOR PARTNER THAT BRINGS FINANCIAL CAPABILITY, DEEPWATER DEVELOPMENT AND LNG EXPERTISE, AND A VISION THAT IS FULLY ALIGNED WITH THE INTERESTS OF BOTH COUNTRIES. – Andrew G. Inglis Kosmos Energy’s Chairman and CEO