27 To further our commitment to supporting investment and economic development in Ghana, Kosmos sponsored the Ghana Investment Summit in August 2017. The summit was attended by investors from Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Kosmos participated in panels with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to discuss opportunities in oil and gas as a veteran of the industry in Ghana, as well as share our learnings from working with young Ghanaian entrepreneurs as part of the Kosmos Innovation Center. Independent Advisory Council Kosmos created an independent advisory council comprised of respected Ghanaian business leaders in 2014 to demonstrate our long-term commitment to the development of Ghana. The advisory council guides the company and serves as a sounding board as we work to support Ghana’s socio- economic needs and management of oil and gas resources. The six advisory council members provide key insights that influence our business and above-ground approach. Members of the council were selected based on their business knowledge, diverse points of view, and history of success leading companies in Ghana. The advisory council has even taken an active role in the Kosmos Innovation Center by volunteering as guest lecturers and business mentors. There is natural alignment between Kosmos and Ghana when it comes to creating a well-managed and increasingly productive petroleum sector. POSITIVE IMPACTS Kosmos is committed to playing its part in creating positive development outcomes for host countries from our oil and gas discoveries. Our largest office outside the U.S. is in Ghana, where sourcing goods and services locally and hiring Ghanaian employees is an important way that we contribute to national development. Kosmos has worked hard to build a network of local suppliers, and provided training and capacity building ourselves to bring them to international industry standards. We are committed to supporting personal and professional development for all our employees through tailored training programs, rotations through our other global offices, and attendance at workshops and conferences. In 2015, Kosmos achieved a major milestone by employing a 100 percent Ghanaian staff – a number that we have now maintained for the third consecutive year. We currently have 45 employees in Ghana, 95% of whom participated in personal and/or professional development programs. We also conducted a total of 38 internal training programs for our staff in Ghana, including a refresher course on the International Finance Corporation’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards. In 2017, we also contracted six national service personnel to work in finance, supply chain, human resources, office administration, corporate affairs and commercial departments. It is our hope that the training and experience they receive while working at Kosmos helps prepare them for their future careers. Fishing boats are anchored along the coast of Ankobra, a community in the Western Region. Young entrepreneurs with the Kosmos Innovation Center learn about founding and growing businesses that use technology to solve problems in the agricultural sector.