37 We learned in our Environmental and Social Impact Assessment that the seismic survey would take place in a densely fished area. Kosmos conducted extensive mitigation measures in order to safely share the area with artisanal fishermen. Our local team presented the survey to fishing cooperatives and government officials along the coast. The team then handed out flyers presenting the survey in three languages to fishing communities and placed the flyers in central locations. We also sent a daily email with the vessel location to the fishing cooperatives and relevant officials. To maintain the exclusion zone around the seismic vessel, Kosmos deployed four guard vessels with fishing liaison officers (FLOs) onboard to communicate to fishermen the location of the seismic vessel and how to stay away. We also employed a land-based fishing liaison officer to each fishing village on a weekly basis during the duration of the survey. Despite these extensive mitigation measures, there were some cases in which fishing boats got too close to the seismic vessel. In order to ensure the safety of the fishermen, the guard vessels had to cut the nets of the fishing boats in the path of the seismic vessels. We asked fishermen whose equipment was lost or damaged during the survey to provide their information to the fishing liaison officer. After a full engagement to ensure we were providing the proper reparations, Kosmos replaced all of their equipment, including new nets and hooks where relevant. ENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING Through workshops on a range of topics – such as transparency, resource governance models, and stakeholder engagement – we have helped to promote sustainable development in the oil and gas sector in Morocco. For several years, ONHYM has been developing a corporate responsibility strategy and program. In early 2017, Kosmos’ staff led a workshop with ONHYM senior leadership on social investment strategy. Kosmos also provided written reports, materials and advice to help ONHYM implement a social investment strategy. POSITIVE IMPACTS Corps Africa matches Moroccan youth with local communities to implement poverty-reduction projects. This program helps prepare the next generation of Moroccan development practitioners by giving them practical experiences that they can apply to their career, as they develop skills in program management, leadership and adapting to difficult circumstances. Kosmos has supported Corps Africa volunteer fellows each year since the program started in 2013. For the 2016-17 cohort, Kosmos sponsored two volunteers in the Essaouira region. One volunteer refurbished a multi-functional room that is now being used as a nursery school, classroom for women’s literacy programs, meeting place for women to sew carpets and a meeting space for the community. He also led environmental projects focused on cleaning up the plastic bags that are common in Morocco, as well as workshops on leadership, self- confidence and teamwork. The other volunteer helped village women form an association and sell traditional handicrafts which provide income for the women’s families. EMBRACING INNOVATION IN MOROCCO Enactus is an international nonprofit organization, active in 36 countries, dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurship. Kosmos partnered with ENACTUS Morocco to expand programming in Agadir and Essaouira, two cities on the Moroccan coast near our Essaouira license area. Through our partnership with Enactus, over 1,200 university students learned about social entrepreneurship and the basics of running their own businesses. Students who wished to pursue additional learning in entrepreneurship formed Enactus teams and launched 22 new projects. The teams then participated in the Moroccan national competition to see which teams had the best business ideas, plans and pitches. Some of the teams ultimately launched their businesses, creating jobs and generating revenue.