28 Social Investment Projects We continue to support social investment in Ghana through Kosmos-initiated programs, as well as those led by the operator of the Jubilee and TEN fields. In 2017, we focused our social investment on youth entrepreneurship through the Kosmos Innovation Center, clean drinking water, and small community-level projects. Page 29 of this report describes the Kosmos Innovation Center in detail. Editors and journalists are important stakeholders in Ghana, as they regularly write about domestic oil and gas activities and their work often shapes public understanding. In 2017, we again sponsored the annual Ghana Journalist Awards, a forum that encourages professionalism and innovation in news reporting across Ghana. Each year, we contribute to the Jubilee Unit and TEN Development social investment programs. These initiatives are overseen by a team of representatives from the Jubilee Unit co-venturers, including Kosmos. In 2017, the Jubilee and TEN social investment projects focused on three themes: local agribusiness and enterprise development, environmental stewardship, and road safety and traffic management. These projects were carefully designed in collaboration with community stakeholders to ensure their long-term sustainability. Clean Drinking Water for Ghanaians Kosmos has supported clean drinking water projects in Ghana for the last six years. We first worked with the Safe Water Network to build water filtration systems for over 28,000 people from twenty villages in the Western Region. The project received such a positive community response that Kosmos decided to expand our support of water projects to other parts of the country. We are now involved in a multi- year project with Water Health Ghana, a subsidiary of Water Health International, to provide clean drinking water for villages in five regions. In 2017, we expanded the program to ten new communities, providing clean drinking water for nearly 130,000 Ghanaians. The overall program includes construction of water purification facilities, training of operators from local communities, and implementation of a monitoring program to ensure sustainability. Each new water facility is governed by a board of community members who oversee the project. Water Health Ghana works in partnership with these boards to determine the appropriate usage fees and management of the water purification service. In addition, the organization provides sanitation and hygiene education to further improve health outcomes for the villagers using the new clean water systems. We are continuing our support of the Water Health Ghana program in 2018, when the program will install water purification facilities and conduct management training for an additional ten communities. By the end of 2018, our multi-year partnership with Water Health will have brought clean drinking water to over 280,000 people across Ghana. Traditional chiefs sample clean drinking water from a Kosmos-sponsored Water Health Ghana facility.