33 Kosmos farmed in to ultra-deepwater block C18 with a 15% working interest in 2017, alongside partners Total S.A. (45%), Tullow Oil (15%), BP (15%), and SMHPM (10%). Total is the operator of block C18 and completed a 9,000-sq km 3D seismic survey in the block in early 2018. MANAGING OUR FOOTPRINT In 2017, Kosmos performed a drill stem test on the Tortue-1 well, drilled two exploration wells, and conducted a 3D seismic survey offshore Mauritania. All activities were safely executed as planned without incident. The drill stem test (DST), a procedure that determines the productive capacity, pressure, permeability and/or extent of the gas reservoir, was conducted in a water depth of 2725 meters, one of the deepest drill stem tests ever conducted. Close collaboration between all commercial partners and stakeholders throughout the planning process, installation and test execution was key to the success of the project. Kosmos’ shorebase in Mauritania, located in Nouakchott, marked three years without a lost time incident in 2017. We worked hard to achieve this record, through dedicated trainings, regular meetings, and close cooperation among our employees, contractors, business partners, and the government of Mauritania. We have continued to organize contractor forums related to Greater Tortue activities to provide training and reinforce our HSE-related expectations. Local and multinational contractors – representing drilling, shorebase, and aviation – attended these sessions in anticipation of increased activity and re-committed themselves to working within our standards. Our office in Nouakchott is staffed with 100% Mauritanian citizens, and we prioritize the professional development of these employees. In 2017, Kosmos employees in Mauritania attended international trainings in finance, industry-specific subjects, and English lessons. We have also introduced training programs for local suppliers and their staff focused on workplace health and safety, as well as labor rights. Since we transitioned our Mauritanian employees to work for our partner BP at the end of 2017, we have hired a new Mauritanian country manager and support staff to maintain our employment of 100% Mauritanian nationals in our Nouakchott office. ENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING We believe that being a great explorer is not enough to be successful – we must also engage with local people and listen to their concerns. Our gas discoveries offshore Mauritania mean that we expect to have a presence in the country for many years to come. We want to be a welcome investor, both to our host governments and local communities. To achieve this goal, we build relationships with stakeholders through engagement and listening on all topics: the environment, transparency, our operations, capacity building and social investment projects, health and safety, and socioeconomic impacts. We are pleased to support the government of Mauritania’s commitments to transparency. Mineral resources currently represent nearly a quarter of Mauritania’s total revenue – once Tortue LNG is on stream in several years, this number will likely increase – and the Mauritanian Hydrocarbon Code of 2011 requires companies to publicly disclose the payments they make to government. In 2017, Kosmos served as a private sector member of Mauritania’s EITI National Committee. In addition to our stakeholder engagements in Nouakchott, we continue to engage with fishing communities near our offshore exploration acreage through Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, social investment, and regular community visits. In 2017, we held four public consultations, covering areas in Nouakchott, Ndiago, and Nouamjhara. We met with local representatives as part of the ESIA processes to present upcoming drilling activities and get input on the proposed Greater Tortue plan of development, as well as answer questions. Since we have been present in Mauritania for over five years, the local community in the Ndiago region is now familiar with Kosmos and informed about the oil and gas exploration taking place offshore. We met with, among others, the local Diawling Park Authority, fisherman’s associations, and local religious, economic and government All Kosmos personnel and contractors, such as the employee pictured here at our shorebase in Nouakchott, have the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe work or remove themselves from any unsafe working conditions.