59 S Senegal (KBSL) EquatorialGuinea(KTEGI) Surface Rentals 49,000 25,000 Training2 300,000 — Taxes3 208,000 139,000 TOTAL 557,000 164,000 Royalties/Production Entitlements (in barrels of oil)7 66,259 bbl Royalties/Production Entitlements (estimated value)7 $3,590,000 PAYMENTS TO GOVERNMENTS KTEGI (USD)1 1.  Our project-level and receiving-entity level disclosures are available on our website at www.kosmosenergy.com/responsibility/transparency.php. 2.  Represents payments made directly to government for satisfaction of obligations per the Petroleum Agreements and/or Petroleum Sharing Contracts (PSCs), as applicable including payments made in Mauritania to support the management of environmental risks in a precautionary manner and to assist with capacity building. In addition to the numbers above, Kosmos made payments to third party training providers and/or national oil company employees in accordance with training obligations per the PSCs totaling $83,000 for Morocco and $235,000 in São Tomé and Príncipe. 3.  Primarily local payroll-related taxes and withholding taxes on interest payments in Ghana. These values are exclusive of withholding taxes remitted on behalf of service providers. 4. Includes interest payments made to the Ghana Revenue Authority of $4.7 million. In addition to this, Kosmos Energy paid the U.S. government $11.4 million in income tax payments during 2017. 5.  Primarily relates to donations made to the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Trade in Ghana and payments to the port authority in Morocco for leased use of port facilities. 6.  Royalties represent the production entitlement to the Government of Ghana paid in barrels of oil out of Kosmos’ working interest share of production. Estimate of approximately $33.2 million based on the annual average of daily Brent prices in 2017 of $54.19 per bbl. 7.  Production entitlement to the Republic of Equitorial Guinea paid in barrels of oil out of Kosmos’ working interest share of production. Based on the annual average of daily Brent prices in 2017 of $54.19 per bbl, this is worth approximately $3.59 million. Kosmos BP Senegal Limited (KBSL) represents a joint venture company which Kosmos Energy held a 50.01% interest in for the period March - October 2017 and 100% interest thereafter. Costs in this table represents Kosmos’ participating interest in the joint venture. In late 2017, through a joint venture with an affiliate of Trident Energy, Kosmos Energy acquired all of the equity interest of an entity subsequently renamed Kosmos-Trident Equatorial Guinea, Inc. (KTEGI), which holds an 85% paying interest in the Ceiba Field and Okume Complex assets in Equatorial Guinea (block G). Figures in the table represent Kosmos Energy’s indirect 50% participating interest in KTEGI’s payments to the government during December 2017. The Payments to Government data are reflective of direct payments made to government entities by Kosmos Energy on operated projects, with the exception of payments reported for KBSL and KTEGI as explained in the separate joint venture table below, and our working interest share of production entitlement to the Government of Ghana. Please see the footnotes for further detail on the payments we made to our host country governments in 2017. PAYMENTS TO GOVERNMENTS (USD)1 Ghana Mauritania Morocco São Tomé & Príncipe Senegal Suriname Surface Rentals 18,000 69,000 — — — — Training2 175,000 1,200,000 56,000 66,000 — — Environmental & Capacity Building Obligation2 — 900,000 — — — — Permitting Fees 74,000 — — 11,000 — — Taxes3 1,951,000 891,000 89,000 — 53,000 358,000 Income Taxes4 36,958,000 — 192,000 — — — Other5 45,000 — 10,000 — — — TOTAL 39,221,000 3,060,000 347,000 77,000 53,000 358,000 Royalties/Production Entitlements (in barrels of oil)6 613,295 bbl — — — — — Royalties/Production Entitlements (estimated value)6 33,200,000 — — — — —