26 updates on Jubilee and TEN fields’ operations, environmental monitoring and compliance, canoe incursions and fishermen interactions, the Voluntary Principles on Business and Human Rights, social investments, effects of the Ghana-Côte d’Ivoire maritime boundary dispute decision by ITLOS, and our environmental and social impact management plans. These engagements result in the support of local leaders and traditional authorities in keeping fishermen safe around our offshore installations and approval of our social investment plans. Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights The Government of Ghana is currently finalizing its National Action Plan for implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. Kosmos has supported this process by participating as an industry representative in national dialogues to discuss key issues that can help with implementation. The dialogues have covered issues such as onshore and offshore risks associated with increased activities in the oil and gas sector, the status of the Ghana government’s anti-small scale illegal mining initiative, and goals related to public security training and private security licensing reform. Kosmos uses private security personnel to provide security for our employees and office operations in Ghana. Security for the Jubilee and TEN fields’ operations is the responsibility of the operator. We have trained all Kosmos Energy Ghana security personnel on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights per our corporate policies and in support of Ghana’s work on the Voluntary Principles. For more information on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights in Ghana, please see the country’s website dedicated to their implementation: www.ghanavps.org. Working in Partnership with Civil Society Kosmos maintains regular contact with civil society organizations in Ghana such as the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), the National Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), and the Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GHEITI). GHEITI is an important forum that Kosmos uses to engage on issues of revenue transparency and anti-corruption. We are a private sector member of the GHEITI multi- stakeholder group, which oversees the public reconciling of payments and receipts between government and extractive companies. In 2017, Ghana completed its sixth oil and gas reporting cycle. Kosmos has been a part of the process in Ghana since its inception. In 2017, we were pleased to co- sponsor the first Enterprise Africa Summit, hosted in Accra. The summit provided a forum for key stakeholders – development partners, government, civil society, academia, businesses community, and entrepreneurs – to explore the nexus between entrepreneurship and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The 2016 Kosmos Innovation Center Agritech Challenge winner, TroTro Tractor, also participated in the summit, where the company gained international visibility and built new business connections. Government Engagement Kosmos regularly engages with the government of Ghana to keep them informed of our activities and with the goal of ensuring that our activities contribute to national development. As part of our government engagement efforts in 2017, we provided all 250 members of the Ghanaian parliament with copies of our Business Principles and annual reports. We presented our approach to transparency including publishing our contracts and payments to governments, anti-corruption policy, and ongoing support of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. We also explained the work of the Kosmos Innovation Center in supporting young Ghanaian entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises. Employees in our office in Accra, Ghana regularly take part in professional development trainings.