SURINAME GHANA CÔTE D’IVOIRE SÃO TOMÉ and PRINCIPE MOROCCO WESTERN SAHARA SENEGAL MAURITANIA EQUATORIAL GUINEA Entering a new market Exploring through site and seismic surveys Undertaking exploration drilling Appraisal drilling Development of field and building of infrastructure Production of oil and gas PROJECT LIFECYCLE AND OPERATIONS MAP The diagram below outlines the oil and gas project lifecycle, from entering a new geography, to exploration and, if successful, development and production. Our corporate responsibility activities – such as social investment and capacity building – in each country are increased as we move along the project lifecycle, although the standards to which we hold ourselves remain the same. The colors on the diagram correspond to the countries and areas of operation listed on the map to show where we were in the project lifecycle during the 2017 year under review. PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 PHASE 4 PHASE 5 PHASE 6 19