Item 2. Properties See ‘‘Item 1. Business.’’ We also have various operating leases for rental of office space, office and field equipment, and vehicles. See Note 15 of Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements included in ‘‘Item 8. Financial Statements and Supplementary Data’’ for the future minimum rental payments. Such information is incorporated herein by reference. Item 3. Legal Proceedings From time to time, we may be involved in various legal and regulatory proceedings arising in the normal course of business. While we cannot predict the occurrence or outcome of these proceedings with certainty, we do not believe that an adverse result in any pending legal or regulatory proceeding, individually or in the aggregate, would be material to our consolidated financial condition or cash flows; however, an unfavorable outcome could have a material adverse effect on our results of operations for a specific interim period or year. In June 2016, Kosmos Energy Ghana HC filed a Request for Arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce against Tullow Ghana Limited in connection with a dispute arising under the DT Joint Operating Agreement. At dispute is Kosmos Energy Ghana HC’s responsibility for expenditures arising from Tullow Ghana Limited’s contract with Seadrill for use of the West Leo drilling rig once partner-approved 2016 work program objectives were concluded. Tullow has charged such expenditures to the DT joint account. Kosmos disputes that these expenditures are chargeable to the DT joint account on the basis that the Seadrill West Leo drilling rig contract was not approved by the DT operating committee pursuant to the DT Joint Operating Agreement. Item 4. Mine Safety Disclosures Not applicable. 72