8 SURINAME GHANA COTE D’IVOIRE SÃO TOMÉ and PRINCIPE MOROCCO SENEGAL MAURITANIA EQUATORIAL GUINEA Year Ended (in thousands, except volume data) 2017 2016 2015 Revenues and other income $636,836 $385,355 $471,556 Net income (loss) (222,792) (283,780) (69,836) Net cash provided by operating activities 236,617 52,077 440,779 EBITDAX 540,117 405,300 500,064 Capital expenditures 57,432 644,510 777,204 Total Assets 3,192,603 3,341,465 3,203,050 Total long-term debt 1,282,797 1,321,874 860,878 Total shareholders’ equity 897,112 1,081,199 1,325,513 Production (thousand barrels of oil per day) 29.6 19.21 23.4 Sales volumes (million barrels)2 11.2 6.8 8.5 Total proved reserves (million barrels of oil equivalent) 3 110 77 76 Crude oil (million barrels) 3 100 74 74 Natural gas (billion cubic feet) 3 61 15 14 1  1.3 million barrels of lost production due to mechanical issues with the Jubilee FPSO turret bearing were paid to the company under its Loss of Production Insurance policy in 2016. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Corporate responsibility is an important part of our strategy for creating value and positioning Kosmos as a preferred partner for governments and citizens alike. Our corporate character and policies are guided by our Business Principles, which define our standards in the areas of ethical conduct, our workplaces, environmental performance, human rights, community engagement, and commercial relationships. We invite you to learn more by reading our Corporate Responsibility Report and our Business Principles, which are both available for download on our website. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS 2 Includes our share of sales volumes from our Equatorial Guinea equity method investment. 3 Includes our share of reserves from our Equatorial Guinea equity method investment. PHASE 1 Entering a new market PHASE 2 Exploring the block through site and seismic surveys PHASE 3 Undertaking exploration drilling PHASE 4 Appraisal drilling PHASE 5 Development PHASE 6 Production