Looking to the future, we have built a sustainable exploration program with a balance of proven, emerging, and frontier basin opportunities with multiple catalysts this year and in the future with two-to-three wells expected per year. In proven basins like Equatorial Guinea, where we acquired three exploration licenses in 2017, we have short-cycle tie-back opportunities. In emerging basins, we continue to prove up plays with significant follow-on opportunities as we have done in Mauritania and Senegal, and expect to do in Suriname. In the São Tomé and Principe and Côte d’Ivoire frontier basins, we have accessed major acreage positions to ensure we have captured the exploration play fairway. In addition, our new ventures team continues to take advantage of the current industry environment to high-grade our portfolio by acquiring new licenses in other countries – including as a part of our strategic exploration alliance with BP. STRENGTHENED OUR BALANCE SHEET This balanced set of activities – growing production, advancing the Tortue development, and pursuing exploration success – is backed by a strong balance sheet that enables Kosmos to execute its strategy through the commodity price cycle. Throughout 2017, we maintained a strong financial position by exercising capital discipline, ending the year with $1.1 billion in liquidity. In addition, we have increased our borrowing capacity to $1.5 billion through the refinancing of our reserves based lending facility. Furthermore, our active hedging program has substantially protected the company from oil price volatility and delivered significant value since the oil price downturn. Hedging will remain a key tool in our prudent management of the balance sheet. I am confident that we can execute our planned set of activities in 2018 while continuing to generate positive cash flow in a $50 per barrel Brent oil price environment. FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE We achieved a great deal in 2017, but there is much more for us to do. Every member of the Kosmos team recognizes the need to keep driving the business forward. Together, we are fully committed to the company’s bright future and stand ready to deliver value for our shareholders. Andrew G. Inglis Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer 2