Ghana Delivers High Margin Cash Flow In 2017, volumes from the Jubilee and TEN fields collectively averaged approximately 150,000 bopd gross with an operating margin of approximately $40 per barrel at a $60 per barrel Brent price. The company also replaced more than 200% of production on a net proved basis during the year. Growing Reserves, Increasing Production In the near-term, we plan to grow proved reserves and production by further developing the Jubilee and TEN fields with the re-start of drilling at Jubilee, which now includes our Mahogany and Teak discoveries, pursuant to the Greater Jubilee Full Field Development Plan, and at TEN through the drilling of additional development and production wells in 2018. Jubilee Field Throughout 2017, the Jubilee FPSO turret remediation project made significant progress, and following the spread mooring of the FPSO at its current heading in late February 2017, optimization of the offtake procedures has allowed the Jubilee field to regularly produce in excess of 100,000 bopd. The Jubilee partners and the Government of Ghana agreed on the need to stabilize the turret bearing and rotate the FPSO. Kosmos expects the rotation of the vessel to its optimal heading to take place around the end of the year with minimal impact to production in 2018. Greater Jubilee Full Field Development Plan (GJFFDP) Approved In mid-October 2017, the partnership received approval for the GJFFDP from the Government of Ghana. The approval of the GJFFDP established a price for gas sales and allowed for drilling to restart in 2018, which is expected to increase production, extend the field production profile, and allow the Company to book additional proved reserves. TEN Production from TEN in the fourth quarter averaged approximately 67,000 bopd. The ruling on the border dispute with Cote d’Ivoire by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea allows TEN development drilling to re-start in 2018, and the addition of new wells coming online is expected to allow production to increase towards the FPSO capacity of 80,000 bopd. 3 BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS