Santander UK holds two frozen current accounts for two UK nationals who are designated by the US under the SDGT sanctions program. The accounts held by each customer have been frozen since their designation and have remained frozen through the year ended December 31, 2017. The accounts are in arrears (£1,844.73 in debit combined) and are currently being managed by Santander UK Collections & Recoveries department. No revenues or profits were generated by Santander UK on this account in the year ended December 31, 2017.’’ The SAMIH Disclosure relates solely to activities conducted by SAMIH and do not relate to any activities conducted by us. We have no involvement in or control over the activities of SAMIH, any of its predecessor companies or any of its subsidiaries. Other than as described above, we have no knowledge of the activities of SAMIH with respect to transactions with Iran, and we have not participated in the preparation of the SAMIH Disclosure. We have not independently verified the SAMIH Disclosure, are not representing to the accuracy or completeness of the SAMIH Disclosure and undertake no obligation to correct or update the SAMIH Disclosure. 158