has resulted in such party being in default, which in return requires Kosmos and its non-defaulting block partners to pay their proportionate share of the defaulting party’s costs during the default period. Should a default not be cured, Kosmos could be required to pay its share of the defaulting party’s costs going forward. In addition, we contract with third parties to conduct drilling and related services on our development projects and exploration prospects. Such third parties may not perform the services they provide us on schedule or within budget. Furthermore, the drilling equipment, facilities and infrastructure owned and operated by the third parties we contract with is highly complex and subject to malfunction and breakdown. Any malfunctions or breakdowns may be outside our control and result in delays, which could be substantial. Any delays in our drilling campaign caused by equipment, facility or equipment malfunction or breakdown could materially increase our costs of drilling and cause an adverse effect on our business, financial position and results of operations. Our principal exposure to credit risk will be through receivables resulting from the sale of our oil, which we currently sell to an energy marketing company, and to cover our commodity derivatives contracts. The inability or failure of our significant customers or counterparties to meet their obligations to us or their insolvency or liquidation may adversely affect our financial results. In addition, our oil and natural gas derivative arrangements expose us to credit risk in the event of nonperformance by counterparties. Joint interest receivables arise from our block partners. The inability or failure of third parties we contract with to meet their obligations to us or their insolvency or liquidation may adversely affect our financial results. We are unable to predict sudden changes in creditworthiness or ability to perform. Even if we do accurately predict sudden changes, our ability to negate the risk may be limited and we could incur significant financial losses. The unit partners’ respective interests in the Jubilee Unit are subject to redetermination and our interests in such unit may decrease as a result. The interests in and development of the Jubilee Field are governed by the terms of the UUOA. The parties to the UUOA, the collective interest holders in each of the WCTP and DT Blocks, initially agreed that interests in the Jubilee Unit will be shared equally, with each block deemed to contribute 50% of the area of such unit. The respective interests in the Jubilee Unit were therefore initially determined by the respective interests in such contributed block interests. Pursuant to the terms of the UUOA, the percentage of such contributed interests is subject to a process of redetermination once sufficient development work has been completed in the unit. The initial redetermination process was completed on October 14, 2011. As a result of the initial redetermination process, the tract participation was determined to be 54.4% for the WCTP Block and 45.6% for the DT Block. Our Unit Interest (participating interest in the Jubilee Unit) was increased from 23.5% to 24.1%. An additional redetermination could occur sometime if requested by a party that holds greater than a 10% interest in the Jubilee Unit. We cannot assure you that any redetermination pursuant to the terms of the UUOA will not negatively affect our interests in the Jubilee Unit or that such redetermination will be satisfactorily resolved. We are not, and may not be in the future, the operator on all of our license areas and do not, and may not in the future, hold all of the working interests in certain of our license areas. Therefore, we have reduced control over the timing of exploration or development efforts, associated costs, and the rate of production of any non- operated and to an extent, any non-wholly owned, assets. As we carry out our exploration and development programs, we have arrangements with respect to existing license areas and may have agreements with respect to future license areas that result in a greater proportion of our license areas being operated by others. Currently, we are not the operator of the Jubilee Unit, the TEN fields or Ceiba and Okume and do not hold operatorship in other offshore blocks. In addition, our agreements with BP and Chevron contemplate that operatorship will be 46