KOSMOS ENERGY LTD. Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued) 3. Acquisitions and Divestitures (Continued) Suriname. Under the terms of the agreement, Hess acquired a one-third non-operated interest in Block 42 from both Chevron and Kosmos. As part of the agreement, Hess is funding the cost of acquiring and processing a 6,500 square kilometer 3D seismic survey, subject to a maximum spend. Additionally, Hess will disproportionately fund a portion of the first exploration well in the Block 42 contract area, subject to a maximum spend, contingent upon the partnership entering the next phase of the exploration period. The new participating interests are one-third to each of Kosmos, Chevron and Hess, respectively. Kosmos remains the operator. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (‘‘Staatsolie’’), Suriname’s national oil company, has the option to back into the contract with an interest of not more than 10% upon approval of a development plan. In May 2016, Kosmos and Capricorn Exploration and Development Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cairn Energy PLC (‘‘Cairn’’) executed a petroleum agreement with the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (‘‘ONHYM’’), the national oil company of the Kingdom of Morocco, for the Boujdour Maritime block. The Boujdour Maritime petroleum agreement largely replaces the acreage covered by the Cap Boujdour petroleum agreement which expired in March 2016. Under the terms of the petroleum agreement, Kosmos is the operator of the Boujdour Maritime block and has a 55% participating interest, Cairn has a 20% participating interest, and ONHYM holds a 25% carried interest in the block through the exploration period. In November 2017, we provided to our co-venturers a notice of withdrawal from the the Boujdour Maritime block offshore Western Sahara and transferred its participating interest and operatorship to ONHYM. Certain transition services are being provided to ONHYM as part of the handover of operatorship. In order to complete our obligations under the petroleum contract, we will continue to fund the remainder of the seismic program. In September 2016, we entered into an agreement by which BP agreed to pay Kosmos $30 million in lieu of drilling an exploration well and assigned its 45% participating interest in the Essaouira Offshore Block back to us, and the Moroccan government issued joint ministerial orders approving the assignment in October 2016, making it effective. After giving effect to the assignment, our participating interest is 75% in the Essaouria Offshore block and we remain the operator. The $30 million payment was received from BP in January 2017. In October 2016, we entered into a petroleum contract covering Block C6 with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. As a result of a subsequent farm-out we have a 28% participating interest and provide technical exploration services to BP, the operator. The Mauritanian national oil company, Societe Mauritanienne des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier (‘‘SMHPM’’), currently has a 10% carried participating interest during the exploration period. Block C6 currently comprises approximately 1.1 million acres (4,300 square kilometers), with a first exploration period of four years from the effective date (October 28, 2016). The first exploration phase includes a 2,000 square kilometer 3D seismic requirement. In December 2016, Kosmos closed a farm-out agreement with a subsidiary of Galp Energia SGPS S.A. (‘‘Galp’’) to farm-out a 20% non-operated stake of the Company’s interest in Blocks 5, 11, and 12 offshore Sao Tome and Principe. Based on the terms of the agreement, Galp paid a proportionate share of Kosmos’ past costs in the form of a partial carry on the 3D seismic survey which was completed in August 2017. 121