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As Kosmos Energy has grown since our founding in 2003, our approach to corporate responsibility has evolved and become more sophisticated. Kosmos was built on the belief that a small team of highly capable explorers, equipped with decades of experience and a contrarian strategy, could find hydrocarbons in places others had not. Following our discovery of the Jubilee Field offshore Ghana, Kosmos began to consider immediate elements such as local content, human resources, community engagement and social investment. After Kosmos completed its Initial Public Offering in 2011, we entered a period of rapid growth and began defining and strengthening our corporate responsibility methodology.

We understand the significant growth opportunities created for host countries through the responsible and transparent development of oil and gas resources. We also recognize that, in many natural resource dependent countries, poor governance is considered by many to have led to disappointing outcomes for the general population.

Kosmos is committed to playing our part in creating positive development outcomes from our current and future oil and gas discoveries by contributing to transparency, good governance, capacity building, respect for human rights and stakeholder engagement. We realize the importance of working closely with governments, civil society and other businesses to produce the best outcomes. We place a high priority on the social, environmental and economic well-being of the communities in which we operate, live and work. We do this from the moment we enter a new country.

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