A Passion to Explore, A Drive to Produce

Kosmos is a leading oil and gas exploration and production company focused on frontier and emerging areas along the Atlantic Margin. The company’s value-driven asset portfolio includes long-life production and other major project developments offshore Ghana. In addition, Kosmos has established leading oil and gas exploration positions with substantial hydrocarbon potential offshore Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal, Suriname, and Western Sahara. We are also identifying and capturing new petroleum systems in other areas.

Existing Production: Ghana

Our initial success and the foundation of the company is the Jubilee field, offshore Ghana, which unlocked the Tano Basin petroleum system in 2007. First production at Jubilee came online in late 2010, three-and-a-half years after discovery. We produced over 87 million barrels of oil and saw a net reserve replacement of 140% at year-end 2013. 

Multiple Developments: Ghana

Further success offshore Ghana has followed the initial discovery at Jubilee. Development at the Tweneboa, Enyenra, and Ntomme fields (TEN), our second major deepwater oil project in Ghana, is now underway with first production targeted for 2016. In addition,
we completed appraisal of the Mahogany, Teak, and Akasa areas (MTA) in 2014.

Substantial Exploration Upside

Kosmos is expanding its large exploration portfolio with choice positions in multiple petroleum basins. We believe in organic production and cash flow growth through sustained exploration success and follow-on developments. 

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