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Our bye-laws contain a provision renouncing our interest and expectancy in certain corporate opportunities, which could adversely affect our business or future prospects. Our bye-laws provide that, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we renounce any right, interest or expectancy in, or in being offered an opportunity to participate in, any business opportunity that may be from time to time be presented to certain of our affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, agents, shareholders, members, partners, affiliates and subsidiaries (other than us and our subsidiaries) or business opportunities that such parties participate in or desire to participate in, even if the opportunity is one that we might reasonably have pursued or had the ability or desire to pursue if granted the opportunity to do so, and no such person shall be liable to us for breach of any statutory, fiduciary, contractual or other duty, as a director or otherwise, by reason of the fact that such person pursues or acquires any such business opportunity, directs any such business opportunity to another person or fails to present any such business opportunity, or information regarding any such business opportunity, to us unless, in the case of any such person who is our director, such person fails to present any business opportunity that is expressly offered to such person solely in his or her capacity as our director. As a result, our directors and certain of our affiliates and their respective affiliates may become aware, from time to time, of certain business opportunities, such as acquisition opportunities, and may direct such opportunities to other businesses in which they or their affiliates have invested, in which case we may not become aware of or otherwise have the ability to pursue such opportunity. Further, such businesses may choose to compete with us for these opportunities. As a result, our renouncing of our interest and expectancy in any business opportunity that may be from time to time presented to our directors and certain of our affiliates and their respective affiliates could adversely impact our business or future prospects if attractive business opportunities are procured by such parties for their own benefit rather than for ours. We receive certain beneficial tax treatment as a result of being an exempted company incorporated pursuant to the laws of Bermuda. Changes in that treatment could have a material adverse effect on our net income, our cash flow and our financial condition. We are an exempted company incorporated pursuant to the laws of Bermuda and operate through subsidiaries in a number of countries throughout the world. Consequently, we are subject to changes in tax laws, treaties or regulations or the interpretation or enforcement thereof in the United States, Bermuda, Ghana, and other jurisdictions in which we or any of our subsidiaries operate or are resident. In the past, legislation has been introduced in the Congress of the United States that would reform the U.S. tax laws as they apply to certain non-U.S. entities and operations, including legislation that would treat a foreign corporation as a U.S. corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes if substantially all of its senior management is located in the United States. If this or similar legislation is passed that changes our U.S. tax position, it could have a material adverse effect on our net income, our cash flow and our financial condition. We may become subject to taxes in Bermuda after March 31, 2035, which may have a material adverse effect on our results of operations. The Bermuda Minister of Finance, under the Exempted Undertakings Tax Protection Act 1966 of Bermuda, as amended, has given us an assurance that if any legislation is enacted in Bermuda that would impose tax computed on profits or income, or computed on any capital asset, gain or appreciation, or any tax in the nature of estate duty or inheritance tax, then the imposition of any such tax will not be applicable to us or any of our operations, shares, debentures or other obligations until 68